What Urban Buyers Are Looking for in a Home


Understand New Trends and What Appeals to You to Streamline Your Home Search.

Do you plan to buy a new home in Sausalito or another urban area in the coming months? The pandemic has changed what homebuyers are looking for in their houses, and many sellers are responding by doing home upgrades to match these evolving needs.
Before you start your home search, consider what other urban buyers are now looking for in homes for sale and see which ones fit your unique lifestyle needs. This will help you convey what you’re looking for to your Sausalito real estate agent, ultimately streamlining your home search process.
Keep reading to learn more about the most common trends buyers are looking for in an urban home.

Contemporary Elements Paired with Classic Details

Many of those who are searching for homes for sale in Sausalito want the best of both worlds, modern amenities, and elements in conjunction with classic design details. Buyers are gravitating to homes that have contemporary details, such as light-filled rooms from large windows and easy flow between rooms to encourage togetherness, along with classic elements such as designated dining spaces, stained glass windows, and brick fireplaces. If the pairing of old-world style with new amenities appeals to you, let your Sausalito real estate agent know you’re looking for homes that seamlessly blend the two.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors have made a huge comeback, and they are now incredibly popular with those looking for new homes for sale in Sausalito. While it’s possible to imitate the look and feel of hardwood floors with imitation products like vinyl or tile, many buyers want the real deal.
Authentic hardwood floors lend an air of warmth and stability to a home, and with the ability to choose from a number of different textures, colors, and finishes, they can fit the unique style of any homeowner. Hardwood floors are also very resilient and can last for decades if they are cared for properly.

Separate Work Zones

Though the work-from-home trend has waned a bit since offices began opening back up, many of those who are looking at homes for sale in Sausalito still plan to work in their houses at least part-time for the foreseeable future. To facilitate their new lifestyles, many buyers are looking for homes that have work areas that are separated from the rest of the house. This could mean a room that is a designated home office, an attic space that could be set aside for work, or a completely separate outbuilding that can be turned into a fully furnished office.

Workout Areas

When the country shut down, so did the nation’s gyms. Though some intrepid homeowners took to the outdoors to fulfill their exercise needs, others relied on in-home equipment like treadmills, Pelotons, or online workout videos to stay in shape. When these owners start looking for homes for sale in Sausalito, they want to facilitate their indoor workouts by purchasing houses that have ample space in which to create a home gym or by looking at condos that have their own fitness centers in the building.

Smart Homes

The popularity of home automation is on the rise—to the point that a recent survey of real estate agents found that more than 81% stated their clients were seeking smart homes. Prospective buyers of homes for sale in Sausalito want properties that are equipped with the newest technology that allows them to control their homes remotely from their phones or with their voices when they are in the house. This includes being able to arm security systems, lock and unlock doors, control the climate, and even turn on kitchen appliances without ever having to walk in the room.

Tips for Buying Homes for Sale in Sausalito

If you’re planning to start looking for homes in the Sausalito area, you need to be aware that the market is competitive. There are more people looking for homes for sale in Sausalito than there are listings, so multiple offers on homes are common and buyers need to alter their behavior to increase their chances of landing the home of their dreams. The following tips will help.
Get a pre-approval letter. Buyers who are not armed with a pre-approval letter when they look at homes for sale in Sausalito may find their offers are not even considered by the seller. Take the time to visit with a mortgage lender to get pre-approved for a loan so sellers will know you are a good-faith buyer.
Know what you want. Do hardwood floors or smart automation appeal to you? Do you know how many bedrooms you need and which neighborhoods you’re most interested in? Letting your Sausalito real estate agent know your wants and needs will help them procure listings you may be interested in and streamline the home search process.
Get to listings early. Hot homes in Sausalito can fly off the market in 10 days or less, so you need to get to them early to have a chance at making a winning offer. Work with a well-connected agent who can let you know as soon as homes are listed that may interest you. Your agent can also sometimes alert you when a seller is preparing to list a home or when they are listing off-market and not promoting their house to the public.
Be prepared to make an offer on the spot. If you plan to take a day or two to think about making an offer on homes for sale in Sausalito, you could easily lose out to a more motivated buyer. Have all your finances and documents in order, and be prepared to make an immediate offer when you find a home that fits your needs.
Urban buyers are looking for different elements in their homes as they adjust to the “new normal” lifestyles prompted by the pandemic. If you are planning to look for a new house, understand what you now want in a house and work with an experienced Sausalito real estate agent like those at Bernard Link Group to make your dreams a reality.

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