Tips for Updating Your Home Security


Having Peace of Mind That Your Property Is Secure Is Invaluable for Any Homeowner. As We Are Spending More Time Than Ever at Home, This Is a Great Opportunity to Update Your Home Security.

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular and effective options available.

Secure the Front Door

This may seem obvious, but there’s a reason why 34% of burglars enter through the front door. From an unsteady door frame to a lost key, there are various ways this entry can be a vulnerable spot in home security.
When moving into a new home, changing the locks is one of the first steps that should be completed. It ensures you and your family are the only ones with keys to the house, and your locks are of the most up-to-date variety.
This could also be an excellent opportunity to invest in smart locks. Such devices allow you to enter your home by voice, fingerprint, or facial recognition, preventing an intruder from picking the lock by conventional means. During installation, you can kill two birds with one stone by asking the contractor to ensure the door’s structural integrity and frame are strong.

Install Security Cameras

CCTV cameras are becoming standard in home security systems. Their advantages are twofold, their presence functions as a threatening deterrent to intruders, as it signifies security is taken seriously on your property. Secondly, should a home intrusion occur, the cameras’ footage would be instrumental for law enforcement to track down the criminal and bring them to justice.
Since most home invasions occur at night, investing in a 4k Color Night Vision camera is strongly recommended. These high-tech devices do more than just reveal shape and size like most night vision cameras. They expose other essential particulars, such as the color of the burglar’s hair and clothing and other finer details captured by the high definition.

Illuminate Your Yard

Outdoor lights do more than create a cozy ambiance at night. Since most burglars and intruders want the cover of darkness to break in, a well-illuminated yard will act as another deterrent. This simple but effective security measure will prove vital not only when you’re at home but also when the house is vacant.
Lights are commonly installed by the front and exterior doors, down the walkway, or on the ground illuminating the trees. Home Cinema Center in Marin County offers a variety of additional customization options, including motion-activated lights, timers, and even remote control capabilities connected to your mobile device.

Smart Home Integration

As smartphones have become the standard communication device, its only natural advanced home security systems will incorporate this tool. As little as ten years ago, all systems had to be controlled on-site. With smart home integration, residents can interact with their home security remotely through their mobile devices.
Think of it this way, how much time do we spend securing our house when we leave? One has to close and lock all the windows. Lower the blinds. Set the alarm. Lock all the doors. On top of this, how many times have we been halfway to work only to remember we forgot to lock the garage too? Integrating all your home security systems will save a significant amount of time and hassle. With a tap of the button, you can lock that garage door, close a window, and more.
Smart home integration systems can also increase security beyond locking up the house. Installing a door camera can send a photo of whoever is on your doorstep directly to your phone. If you’re out and waiting for a contractor, maid, or someone else to arrive, you can unlock the door remotely and let them in.

Z-Wave Technology

Much home security, and other household systems, rely on Wi-Fi to operate and communicate with you. Although this has worked effectively in the past, the rise of tech-savvy home intruders has implemented ways to hack Wi-Fi and disable security.
Z-Wave addresses this vulnerability directly. Despite its esoteric sounding name, Z-wave is surprisingly easy to install and integrate into home security, and several Marin County security contractors, such as All-Electric, offer this service. Since it’s new and uncommon, this wireless communication channel is significantly harder to be hacked. Stay ahead of the curve in home security, and keep peace of mind knowing your systems run on Z-Wave technology.

Warren Security Systems

Serving Marin County for over forty years, Warren Security offers an array of high-end security systems targeting intruder detection, fire safety, and more. They tailor each installation to the buyer’s specific wants and needs to ensure the custom system maximizes security.
The most commonly requested and useful automation is their Internet connectivity system. This web-link software allows homeowners to not only be alerted remotely of potential intruders but also check and adjust the temperature, alter home lighting, and verify that their children have arrived safely home from school. As mentioned previously, remote home security access has become the standard, and Warren Security’s professional team excels at installing this service.
Warren Security also offers comprehensive fire protection plans. With such systems installed, air conditioning and other appliances automatically shut off when a fire is detected to minimize the spread of smoke. Simultaneously, interior light aids guide the residents out of the home, while a signal is sent directly to the Warren Security headquarters, which calls the fire department in response.
Their additional home automation systems offer useful but often overlooked installations to maximize easier living. With their optional Omni system, residents won’t have to worry about leaving the coffee pot or stove on after leaving since the system will turn off the appliance itself. The Omni system also allows homeowners to schedule the air conditioning and heating to minimize energy use. The company also offers a lighting automation system that works similarly, allowing the lights to be turned on and off on a customized schedule.
Updating one’s home security is a critical task, and the professionalism and experience of Warren Security will make this process easy and effective.

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