Things to Do in Sausalito

Luxurious mansions line the steep hillsides of this charming coastal city. And unlike its neighbor San Francisco, Sausalito isn’t blanketed in fog but drenched in California sunshine for the entire year. The downtown area is patronized by both locals and visitors—and given its abundance of amenities, Sausalito real estate has remained in high demand. Home prices are up compared to last year and are expected to rise well into 2022.

Below are some activities and attractions that keep buyers coming back to Sausalito.

Stroll across the Golden Gate Bridge

Taking a stroll or riding a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge provides visitors with gorgeous views of San Francisco and the Sausalito Coast. The bridge is a mile and a half long and takes about 35 minutes to walk across, and you can always ferry back. Because the bridge connects the San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean, weather can turn pretty quickly. It’s recommended that you dress in layers and be prepared for shifts in temperature. The Welcome Center has a gift shop and provides historical information about the construction and maintenance of the bridge. Many homes for sale in Sausalito feature a view of the iconic bridge.

Ferry to San Francisco

The ferry ride to San Francisco from Sausalito offers some of the best views in the area—and provides owners of homes in Sausalito a picturesque morning commute. The San Francisco Bay tour takes you under the Golden Gate Bridge and past the PIER39 sea lions. Depending on the season and migration patterns, you could see as many as 1,700 sea lions at PIER39! Sea lions are playful and fun creatures to watch, but if you’re in the mood for something more mysterious, the tour will also take you around Alcatraz Island, which is now a museum. Every evening, the west span of the Golden Gate Bridge transforms into a light show with 25,000 programmed LED lights.

Marine Mammal Center

The Marine Mammal Center is the world’s largest marine mammal hospital. The center offers tours where educated staff members will introduce you to all of their amazing creatures. So far, the center has rescued and released 24,000 marine mammals from California and Hawaii. Their research explores the ecosystem and how it relates to the health of the ocean environment and all that interacts with it. They offer educational programs for children and adults that include hands-on training. The conservation efforts of the center, combined with all the surrounding national parks, contribute to the healthy Sausalito real estate market.

Tour the Sausalito houseboats

There are approximately 400 floating home docks in five residential marinas that you can tour at almost any time. For decades, the area has been considered a haven for artists, so it’s possible to also catch an art show on your tour. If you attend the annual Sausalito Houseboats Tour in June, you’ll get a chance to see the interior of several floating homes. They change each year, so there’s always something new to see. Some of the houses were previously available boats converted into floating homes. If you happen to fall in love with the lifestyle, be sure to ask a local realtor about floating homes for sale in Sausalito.

Muir Woods National Monument

Located just 15 minutes outside Sausalito is the Muir Woods National Monument. Visitors can walk among redwood trees as high as 250 feet tall. Many of the trees in the Muir Woods forest are 800 years old. The designated paths offer patrons a primeval tour through historical natural landscapes. Along with the giant redwoods are alder trees, maples, and firs; the forest floor is covered in ferns, fungi, and redwood sorrel. Take the Dipsea and Ben Johnson trails up Mount Tamalpais if you want a bird' s-eye view of the redwoods. The Monument is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, one of the largest urban parks in the world. It includes the Monument, Alcatraz, and Rodeo Beach — all located near Sausalito real estate.

Food tours

Sausalito has two food tours that come highly recommended, each covering a different neighborhood. The Bridgeway tour visits four different restaurants, two of which earned Michelin stars. The Caledonia Street tour visits seven restaurants, one of which is a Michelin restaurant. You can include a wine tasting with either selection. Food tours are a fun way to savor all the fabulous restaurants Sausalito has to offer. Tours are available to accommodate private groups or large parties.

Rodeo Beach

Watch the surfers, sunbathe, or take a stroll down beautiful Rodeo Beach. Rodeo Beach is lined with colorful and vibrant pebbles formed by the strong waves and currents. On the other side of the beach, the Rodeo Lagoon is home to the California red-legged frog and endangered fish, so swimming is not allowed in the lagoon. There are connecting trails to explore in the area that stretch inland along the coast and up to beautiful bluffs. If you walk the complete circuit, it will take you half a day.

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