6 Most Popular Architectural Styles in Marin County


From Victorian to Spanish, Marin County Homes Offer Something for Everyone.

Marin County, one of the most beautiful areas of the San Francisco Bay Area, is renowned for its variety of stunning architectural styles. When looking to purchase a home, it can be difficult to narrow down the options and decide which one is best for you. Here is a guide to five of the most popular architectural styles that can be found in Marin County.

1. Victorian

When people think of houses in the Bay Area, the Victorian-style often comes to mind. Dating back to the late 1800s, these homes are known for their colorful exteriors and unique, distinctive detailing in the shingles and gables. Steeply pitched roofs and bay windows are also hallmarks of this style, and many feature wrap-around front porches, perfect for relaxing with your friends and family.

2. Spanish

The state of California is rich in Spanish history, and Marin County is no exception! Spanish-style homes are influenced by a variety of other styles like Gothic and Byzantine, featuring those iconic terracotta roofs, stucco exteriors, and charming tile accents. These homes look great set against a backdrop of palm trees and often feature stylish patios and courtyards—perfect for California living.

3. Split Level

Families tend to love split-level houses, which divide different areas of the home (such as bedrooms and living rooms) for optimum sound control. These modern homes are common in Marin County, providing all the room you need to host social events while keeping sleeping quarters separate and quiet.

4. Mediterranean

If the look of exotic homes appeals to you, the Mediterranean style will be perfect! These luxurious houses feature golden stucco exteriors, archways, wood front doors, and those quintessential red tile roofs. Characteristic ornate balconies are the perfect place to soak up the California sun.

5. California Ranch

One of the most popular styles on the West Coast, the California ranch home is laidback, simple, and perfect for families. It’s a common find in the Marin County suburbs and is only one story, typically featuring a sliding glass door that leads to a beautiful, welcoming backyard.

6. Mid-Century Modern

If you’re hoping for a sleeker, more modern feel to your Marin County home, check out the mid-century modern style. These houses are typically built on a single level and feature large windows and a more simplistic design. Rooms flow naturally into each other and typically feature nature, both inside and outside.

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