How to Decorate Your Marin County Home

Marin County, located across the Golden Gate Strait from San Francisco, is one of California’s most luxurious seaside communities. The neighborhood is home to beautiful vistas and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, covering more than 80,000 acres of natural, coastal beauty. Marin is just a day trip away from wine country in both Sonoma and Napa Valley when residents are in the mood for wine and relaxation. As such, it’s no wonder that Marin residents want their homes to showcase the area’s natural beauty!

Choosing a decor theme that will stand the test of time may seem challenging, but there are many ways to change your decor while keeping a few staple pieces in your home. Artwork, window treatments, and small items can easily be swapped out to create an entirely new look.

Here are a few design tips to consider when decorating your Marin County home in 2022.

Create a connection to nature

Incorporating plants brings visual intrigue and life into your space and is complimented well by the use of natural light. Whether it be stone, wood, or wool, organic materials provide a connection to nature and an overall calming effect. With everyone spending more time at home, it’s important to incorporate these touches into your design. Your home should be a respite from the stress of the world and a place where you can feel comfortable. Additionally, natural materials are less susceptible to changing trends. So, your investment in natural and sustainable pieces will last longer and add more value to your home in Marin County.

Be bold

Your home should reflect your unique personality rather than whatever’s trending on Instagram. If you love bright orange, use it. If you love vintage patterns, use them. Adding a pop of bold color creates interest and energy. Neutrals are still a significant feature, especially if you’re in the market to sell, but personal touches are welcome when designing your space for you. You can use unique window treatments or bright pillows to a room to add small touches of personality. An accent chair with a pattern can make a big splash without overtaking the room. Just be sure to keep the neutrals relegated to pieces that are difficult to change—such as flooring and countertops—and you’ll make it easier on yourself if and when you decide to list your Marin real estate.

Traditional roots

Maybe it’s inventory shortages, or perhaps it’s because of the millennial thrift culture, but droves of homeowners are finding joy in shopping for antique decor pieces. There is a definite trend toward using vintage elements in homes for sale in Marin to add style and unique flair. Now is a good time if you haven’t visited your local antique store. Antique pieces provide a connection to history and offer unique design appeal. They’re also a sustainable choice and have already proven their durability. If you can’t find anything to suit your style at the antique store, you can add a traditional touch with new materials by incorporating details in the design.

Bring the indoors out!

Outdoor spaces have become a second living room, second kitchen, and second play area, and they need to be designed as such. Ditch the old-fashioned metal furniture and incorporate comfortable, cushioned seating. Outdoor furniture can look almost identical to indoor pieces but can withstand the elements. You can even find outdoor rugs to add a finishing touch to your Marin real estate outdoor space. Create as many outdoor spaces as you want by adding chairs and conservation areas. Outdoor fans are available to keep your space cool and mosquito-free. Television sets, projectors, and other electronics are available for outdoor use.

Curved lines

Soft, wavy lines can replace boxy furniture and geometric patterns. Curved furniture pieces are becoming more available, and people are snapping them up. Curved lines offer a sense of movement and flow; they feel more natural than sharp angles and straight lines. Adding a sofa with a curved back or dining room chairs with an arched back can make a big difference in a room. Adding artwork or fabrics with soft wavy lines or other rounded shapes make a more subtle impact on homes for sale in Marin.

Colorful tableware


Creating a beautiful tabletop has become so popular it now has its own term, “tablescaping.” If you’re going for a vintage look, use old fine china and silverware, while a contemporary feel can incorporate colorful dinnerware and glassware. Stemware is also available in a multitude of colors. You can mix and match to create an exuberant and harmonious tabletop using various colors, patterns, and textures. Even if you just add some colorful bowls or stemware, you’ll liven up the table and the meal to follow! Add seasonal touches with the linens and table decor items — go bold and have fun with your table setting. Whether you spent hours in the kitchen or had food delivered, sitting down to a meal at a festive, decorated table provides a whole new dining experience.

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