DIY Curb Appeal Trends


Make Your House Stand Apart From the Crowd With One of These Simple Diy Curb Appeal Trends.

Thinking about selling your house? Concerned you’re not reeling people in? Or maybe you just want to make your neighbors jealous? There are so many ways to improve your home, and they don’t require teams of people or major expenses.
Here are some fun ways you—yes, you!—can spruce up your home’s curb appeal.


Sure, some homeowners gravitate toward more traditional hardware, but standing apart from the crowd sometimes requires taking risks. There are so many unique statement-making pieces of hardware out there today that it’s almost a sin to play it safe!
Consider these metallic animal knockers from Anthropologie or these “old Hollywood” doorknobs from House of Antique Hardware. Today’s hardware offers long-lasting quality in eye-catching packages.


It sounds simple, but a fresh coat of paint can go a long way! If you don’t feel confident about painting the entire home by yourself, consider painting just the accents. Could your shutters be spruced up? How about the trim? You don’t have to wait until paint chips to justify taking out the ol’ brush. Consider painting your door a dark color and accentuating it with off-white or white trim. Your entry will make a statement, and so will your color coordination!


Your house doesn’t have to be Versailles to have beautiful touches of color and greenery. Window boxes, planters, vines—they’re all great ways to catch the eye. Consider a bright purple batch of lavender against a white backdrop or some interesting-looking succulents. Vines look beautiful around classic columns, and tall grass can add a sense of peace to your front yard.


When you think about it, your mailbox is often the first thing people see up close when they pull up to your home. It’s essential to make sure it’s not falling over, chipped, or ragged. Your mailbox should be true to the home’s personality! Keep it classic or make it fun—either way, you want it to say, “Welcome to my home. It’s a nice place!”

Garage Doors

Garage doors are functional, sure, but they’re also an opportunity to make a statement. Paint them the same color as your home’s trim, or paint them the same color as the door. Both points of entry being painted the same color add uniformity and makes a home stand out. You could also add unique handles to the garage doors. Go for a barn handle or some other style of wood. Magnetic handles are easy to come by and can add just the right touch of style.

Front Path

There’s nothing less appealing than pulling up to a dark, mysterious home. Light it up! If you have a front walkway, you can line the sides with little solar pathway lights. You could also plant solar spotlights in your flower beds and point them toward the path. Both options will make your home feel safer and more welcoming.

Porch/Outdoor Area

If you have a front porch, lucky you! It’s important to make sure it looks like a place where people want to sit and enjoy your beautiful yard. Update your furniture with comfortable, cleaner-looking options. Depending on the size of the space, you could invest in a sectional, or you could stick to unique-looking chairs and pillows that add a pop of color. Consider investing in furniture covers to protect your new investments from pollen, dirt, or general wear and tear.


A home can be beautiful on its own, but a lovely outdoor space can take home to the next level. Consider your garden! Are your shrubs tidy? Do you have a variety of plants and flowers? A front garden with texture and layers is eye-catching. Don’t be afraid to get creative with it—gone are the days of boring boxwoods. Consider adding some taller and shorter varieties to vary the landscape. With so many resources available, it’s time to be your own landscaper.


Sure, windows are functional, but they can also be decorative! Consider adding some unique touches. Shutters come in a variety of durable, low-cost materials (wood, fiberglass, PVC, etc.) and can be dressed up with a complimentary trim. Window boxes are another fun touch. Plant some seasonal flowers, and your home will surely stand out!


Another functional-turned-aesthetic piece? Your home’s gutters. It’s important to prevent them from looking cracked or worn down. Copper gutters, while not the cheapest option, are certainly the prettiest option. Vinyl gutter systems are less expensive and easy to snap together. No matter your budget, keeping the gutters up to date will keep your home sparkling.


A white picket fence is excellent, but you don’t have to invest in a full system to add a touch of decoration. Arbors are a more minimal way to allude to the fence look without going all-in on a fence. Hang some lights on them and use them to complement your garden area. Or, if you’re in the market for a fence, consider adding an arbor to your fence layout. The combination is like putting a big bow on your home.


Outdoor sculptures—when done correctly—add texture to a home. Consider a fountain in your garden area or a well-placed statue or two. Bird feeders and baths attract birds as well as potential buyers. And chimes add a touch of peace and relaxation to any area. No matter what you choose, make sure everything is weather-resistant.


Your driveway should welcome people to your home. A driveway full of bumps and cracks is not very appealing. Take some time to repair the damages and kill any weeds that may have taken root. Consider staining the driveway a darker color or updating the stones around it. These small changes will make a big difference!

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